A Couple of things you should know

We started in 1992 with the simple idea of making quality telecommunication services affordable and easy to use. Today we operate in marketplaces, communities,educational & political organizations. Our services reach hundred thousands people everyday and our users come from all continents. We combined the latest systems to give you the best telecommunication experience for every purpose.

All this is brought to you by an enthusiastic team with highly experienced mentors and newly graduated innovators. Programmers, webmasters, analysts and communication experts will work for your complete satisfaction. Working at Jikatel is full of challenge, our clients expectations are high and we manage to keep them pleased. The team is always on the lookout for the newest technology and the lowest rates from providers.

Our Philiosipy

At Jikatel, we think that the best way to keep our clients satisfied is to bring together :
Hight voice quality :: When using voice over IP, it's hard to get a natural voice not sounding like a robot. At Jikatel, we have achieved to get you the best sound over the phone for all our services. Our professional sound studio give highest quality to your messages, you will be more than satisfied. Low rates :: The point of using our services is to make more savings by not sending letters, printing out papers and loosing time dialing. Because we worked with many clients, we can get you the lowest price on the market. No software to buy, no setup fees, no hidden costs, just pay for the succesfull messages or connected calls. Customer Support :: More than just the service itself, what makes a product satisfiying is the support we can give you once you become our client. The web interface is user friendly and it gives you complete control, but in case you need us we are always available to answer your concerns.